What Goes Down Must Come Up

Or something like that…
When we started picking, we worked on the “down stroke.” So, naturally, we will now reverse the process. Instead of starting above the string and moving toward the floor, we’ll start below the string and move the pick toward the ceiling.
Basically, we want to start just like we did with the down stroke – but going the other way. Make sure just the very tip of the pick is showing. Starting below the first string (physically) move the pick toward the ceiling until you hit (but don’t pluck) the second string.
Keep working it until you feel you have it mastered, then move through all the subsequent strings. Little by little, you want to shorten the stroke of the pick until it just glances the string and gives you a nice, clean tone.
Now – go back and play everything we’ve done so far with an upstroke.
It’s very important to be as fluent on the upstroke as you are on the downstroke. Don’t get more comfortable on one than the other!
Until next time…Play in the Key of YOU!

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