Well…Isn’t THIS Embarrassing!

Wow! I looked at my blog last night and realized that I hadn’t published anything in 6 weeks.

Where did the time go?

Of course I know the answer to that question.  And the answer is “it disappeared.” Or something like that.  With all of the work I’ve been doing on the upcoming EP, a few things have gone by the wayside.

And that’s an important lesson for all of us.

There is a rhythm and a flow in everything we do.  Life happens and we get waylaid.  There is a 4-song EP coming out and along with that comes planning the crowdfunding, pre-production calls and meetings, lining up the musicians (and BOY did I luck out!), studio time, rehearsing, artwork, photo shoots, etc.

Also along the way real life happened, and some friends hit rough spots, I reconnected with a couple of friends and former students, someone in the family had surgery and on and on and on.  At one point, I was starting to get fried and just had to take a week off.

Where is all of this whining leading?  Well, it’s not really whining. It’s realization. Whining is staying in an uncomfortable place and just complaining about it. These are things that happen all the time. The important thing is moving on.

OK – I haven’t posted in 6 weeks. I am fixing that right now by posting.

I haven’t done a newsletter in forever. That’s changing today, as well. You can always pick up where you left off and move on.  Now is always the time to forge your path ahead.

Forging ahead means you make adjustments. I can take a good, long look at my schedule and figure out how to fit everything in. And having to take an unexpected week off isn’t a bad thing. It just means you can come back refreshed and ready to move.

Kind of preachy? Yeah. Aimed at you? Nah. Mostly aimed at me. Sometimes it just helps to see things in writing so you can put them in perspective.


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