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Guitar Basics Course

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Guitar Basics Course: $97

4 Modules plus 4 Bonus Lessons

Each Module: $30

Customize your course and purchase just the modules you need.

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll be on your way to playing and writing your own music.

Guitar Buying Guide

Not sure where to begin when buying your first guitar? I’ve created a guide to help you take the confusion and mystery out, while helping you find the right guitar for you.


19 Professional Digital Videos

115 minutes of professional digital video lessons take you step-by-step through learning 300 chords with fingering charts and close-up demonstrations.


56 Guitar Pro Files

Guitar Pro files let you follow along with tabs and sheet music! You also get PDF versions of each file.


7 Backing Tracks

7 audio file backing tracks let you play along with ease.


Would you like to be playing songs by the end of the week? You can! Thousands of songs are written with 4 chords or less.

And if that wasn’t enough, be the end of this course you will:

  • Play almost any song you want
  • Move that song to different keys (play the same song with different chords)
  • Shift smoothly and easily between chords, making you sound like a star!
  • Know 300 chords!
  • Play anywhere along the neck without blocking off any frets with a capo

Preview The First Lesson Right Now!

Because I want you to know what you’re getting, I’ve made the first video lesson available for free – no strings attached! Try it and see if you like it.

In this video, you’ll learn the five cornerstone chords that will unlock the world of music for you. This is where it all starts. Not only will I show you where to put your fingers, I’ll give you a sure-fire way to start switching smoothly, evenly and cleanly between chords. The next time you play a song, you’ll sound like a pro!


Suzanne has music pulsing through her veins! She is an exceptional performer and is always pushing the boundaries of her abilities with the complex chords, chord progressions, tempo and key changes found in her original compositions.

She is maniacal when it comes to technique and her warm-ups put other musicians to shame.  You will always get more than expected in a performance by Suzanne…. truly musically inspiring and one of a kind!
Sharon Puluso
I’ve known Suzanne for 25 years and in those decades where technology and culture has rapidly changed one thing has remained a constant, her passion for the guitar. Suzanne has been guitar educator for almost 3 decades and during that time she has relentlessly and tirelessly worked at perfecting her teaching methods. This first course is the result of that work and is designed to get you the student making music. Not from just playing tablature or playing along with YouTube, but because you understand how music works. You’ll start to see how things connect enabling you to play anything you hear. 

Aaron Griffith

Sue, what can I say? You rock! Your methods are concise and easy to understand. I love your systematic approach to learning!

Melsina Michaels-Petrak


Suzanne this course is fantastic and a great way for people to really learn with! Great packaging too.

Liz Tapia 


I have divided these lessons into 4 modules. Each module should take you about a week and contains the equivalent of multiple one-on-one lessons – just imagine trying to find all of that kind of information online!

19 Professional Digital Video Lessons (115 minutes) • 56 Guitar Pro files & matching PDFs • 7 Backing Tracks

Four Modules

Lessons are divided into four modules, taking you through four weeks of lessons, not including the bonus materials!

Professional Digital Video Lessons

You’ll get 115 minutes of professional digital video lessons which let you learn anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review sections as needed. With digital video, you own the lessons forever.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

You’ll have exclusive access to Suzanne’s private members-only Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and chat with other students. 

Make Your Music Your Way

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll be on your way to playing and writing your own music.


Module One

  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 15 Guitar Pro Files* with matching PDFs
  • 3 Backing Tracks
In module 1, we dive straight in and I will teach you the 5 basic chords that you need to play any song you want. After that, you’ll start to learn how moving just one finger will give you another chord.  You will learn to turn a major chord into a major 7 chord or a minor chord.

Module Two

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 14 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs
  • 2 Backing Tracks

Module 2 continues showing you how moving just one finger changes one of your 5 basic chords into different chords. You’ll also learn how all of the chords are related!  You’ll learn how to turn a major chord into a 7 chord, and how to create a minor 7 chord.  By the end of module 2, you’ll be ready to play just about anything!


Module Three

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 11 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs

Module 3 builds on Module 2. You’ll learn how to take the basic shapes you now know and put them anywhere on the neck, opening up a whole new world of playing and writing songs!


Module Four

  • 3 Video Lessons
  • 16 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs
  • 2 Backing Tracks

Module 4 is the icing on the cake.  I’ll take you on an in-depth journey that shows you how to take the chords in one key and play them in every key.  By the time you finish Module 4, you’ll be able to play any song you want anywhere you want.  And the best part is that you will do it with confidence!

*Guitar Pro files should be compatible with any tab/notation programs.

What is it All Worth?

Think of all of the one-on-one lessons you’d have to take to learn all of these. What about all of the time you’d have to spend sorting through YouTube lessons or lesson sites trying to figure all of this out? I have put everything here that you need to create your own style and stand out.

Four Modules Include

Four Weeks of Lessons

  • 19 Professional Digital Video Lessons (115 minutes)
  • 56 Guitar Pro files & matching PDFs
  • 7 Backing Tracks
  • Take lessons at your pace – you’re not locked into four weeks! That’s the typical time it takes, but you can go faster or slower.

Private Facebook Group

  • Get the teacher without paying for the teacher!
  • At least two Facebook Live video sessions each month where you can ask questions and get feedback directly from me!

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime access to all course materials through GumRoad, including future updates

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Purchase confidently and securely on GumRoad

Four Bonus Lessons

  • Arranging
  • Chord Pieces
  • Rhythm Chart
  • Shell Chords
  • 4 Video Lessons
  • 8 Guitar Pro files with matching PDFs

Quick Templates

  • Keys, Notes on the Neck and Chords in Those Keys
  • Printable Rhythm Chart
  • Chord Progressions
  • Common Strum Patterns

Digital FAQs

  • Video answers to questions from Facebook Live sessions
  • Updated continually 

Four Modules


Bonus Lessons


Quick Templates


Live Facebook Sessions




And that’s not even including the Digital FAQs!

Your Cost

This is always the big question, right? What is all of this going to cost me? Well, call me crazy, but I want you to learn the guitar so I’ve made this really affordable.


You can get everything for only $97.

Yes! Just $97!!

If you want just one or two of the modules, you can purchase them for $30 each, but you’ll miss out on the bonuses and quick templates. However, with every purchase, whether it’s the entire course or one module, you get access to my private Facebook Group and the digital FAQs.


Once you’ve got the basics down and are ready to up your guitar game, these bonus lessons will take you from good to WOW!

Included are:

  • 4 Video Lessons
  • 8 Guitar Pro files with matching PDFs


Do you always end up playing the exact same thing as everyone else when you jam? You don’t have to! I will show you how to spice up your playing so you can make your jam sound more like a guitar orchestra.

Chord Pieces

Need another way to stand out from the crowd? In an orchestra, most instruments grab a piece of the chord, not the whole thing. I’ll teach you go to arrange a song just grabbing a small piece of the chord instead of all of the notes.

Rhythm Chart

One of the questions that Suzanne is frequently asked is, “Where do I find new strumming patterns?” She used to search and search for patterns, as well. Then she realized one day that all of these patterns she found were just something that someone else made up. So Suzanne devised a way to make up her own and shares that with you here.

Shell Chords

Rock stars are famous for using power chords – which are really just specific pieces of chords. Why not level up your power chords? Unlike a power chord, a shell chord has depth and character without having to grab a complete chord. Like that little bit of vanilla you put in your baking to make things taste great, shell chords give your playing flavor.

Bonus Value

25+ Years Teaching Guitar

Suzanne first picked up the guitar at age 6. By the age of 15, she had become very serious about the instrument and shifted from a general study of the instrument to learning Classical guitar.

After only 3 years of serious Classical study, Suzanne was offered a teaching position at the lesson studio at which she was taking lessons. Suzanne had surpassed her teacher, the owner of the studio. Suzanne took that position, of course, and began teaching guitar at the age of 18.

The daughter of a one-time adjunct professor at Pitt University, Suzanne was not satisfied with just having students. She spent as much time learning the art of teaching as she spent practicing her guitar. As she grew as a teacher, Suzanne realized that most of the lesson materials that were available simply weren’t deep and rich enough to enable her students to become the musicians they wanted to become.

About 4 years later, she was bitten by the Jazz bug and began studying with one of the guitar instructors at the highly esteemed Duquesne University. It was there that she saw a lot of the instructors were creating their own materials for their students. Suzanne took those ideas back to her students and began creating her own lesson materials so her students could excel.

In 2003, Suzanne began her own traveling teaching studio in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Her methods were so popular that she found herself teaching more than 50 students per week.

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