Three Notes

A couple of weeks ago, we learned to play 2 notes at a time. This week we will learn 3.
First, we are going to play the notes separately. Use all downstrokes, let your pick glide across all 3 strings. Don’t try to pluck each string. just let your pick fall across them. Be sure that you let the notes ring out, too.

The first note should ring through the entire measure, the second note until the end of the measure, etc. Then we’ll put them on top of each other.

C Chord

Do you remember our old friend the chord diagram? Remember that the vertical line all the way to the right is the first string and the horizontal lines are the frets.

C Block Chord

The Xs mean that we don’t play that string and the numbers are your fingers (0 means open.)

Play in the Key of YOU!

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