The Next Phase

It is finished.

Well, almost.  Actually not even close.

I’ve finished the slides, anyway.  As of right now, Viberant Chords has about 20 separate slideshows.  I’ve finished the outline…which I did directly onto the slides.  Because why would I EVER want to do things the easy way?

I am really excited to see how things turn out.  Even I don’t know!

There will be about 20 videos in the course. Of course, I’m not really sure how I’m going to put everything together.

This project has had some huge learning curves.  So, for those of you contemplating creating your own online courses, let me try and save you some of the learning curve.

Start with a Subject with Which You are Very Familiar

That may sound obvious, but I ran into several stumbling blocks even though I’ve been playing, practicing and teaching this chord method for an eternity.  There are a million pieces of advice floating around on how to figure out what you want to teach. Start with something that you had trouble learning.  That way, you are already aware of a lot of the potential pitfalls and solutions.

Start with an Outline

Trust me. You don’t know your subject as well as you think you do. You’ll think you’ve included everything at least 10 times. And all 10 times, you’ll have to go back and add something else.  And there’s the stuff that you thought you’d need that ends up being unnecessary. (Here’s a hint: keep that stuff for bonus material).

This is a BUSINESS!

Treat it like such.  I’ve been waking up at 4:30 every morning for…well…a really long time, just to make sure that I was working on this every day.  You have to be at your day job every day.  You should be at your own job, every day, too.

Keep it Simple

You can get away with whatever software and hardware you have now. You do NOT need to buy anything else.  You may have to do some workarounds, you may spend a few extra hours learning how to accomplish something.  But you’ll be positive on cash flow a lot sooner.


The best decision I ever made was to hire someone to manage my PR and advertising.  Yep. Dana is THAT awesome.  I would rather pay someone to help meet my goals than spend money on another piece of software.

Just Do It

Forget about your insecurities. Forget about your self consciousness. Forget about the excuses. Just get it done.  If you’ve had that problem, someone else is having it, too.

So…on I go to record 20 or so voiceovers!

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