Finger Control

These exercises are designed to really fine-tune the muscles in your fingers so you learn to burn! 1 Adjacent Finger Control 2 More Adjacent Finger Control 3 Non-Adjacent Finger Control 4 More Non-Adjacent Finger Control 5 Index and Pinky Control 6 More Index and Pinky Control 7 Adjacent Finger Gymnastics 9 Index and Pinky Gymnastics […]

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Or something like that… When we started picking, we worked on the “down stroke.” So, naturally, we will now reverse the process. Instead of starting above the string and moving toward the floor, we’ll start below the string and move the pick toward the ceiling. Basically, we want to start just like we did with […]

Picking. Grinning Is Optional

We covered the basics of picking earlier in the week. Now we move on to really getting that pick to make great sounds on the guitar. There’s a trick to picking. That trick is to hold the pick between your thumb and index finger as close to the tip as you can. There should still […]