Diminishing Returns Week 2

Have You Ever Harmonized a Scale? Oooh, I just love big words.  Harmonizing a scale is just a fancy way of saying we’re playing more than one note of the scale at a time.  For our purposes here today, we’ll harmonize using chords. Pulling chords from scales is really easy.  Just line the notes of […]

Open Strings

One of the things I had the most trouble with when I started was ear training. I was bordering on tone-deafness. Couldn’t tune. Couldn’t hear wrong notes. So, to help you not have the same problems I had, I’m going to just give you some ear training today. First, we tune. Preferably by ear to […]

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Or something like that… When we started picking, we worked on the “down stroke.” So, naturally, we will now reverse the process. Instead of starting above the string and moving toward the floor, we’ll start below the string and move the pick toward the ceiling. Basically, we want to start just like we did with […]

First Notes – The High E String

We’ve learned a little tablature. Today, we start notes. Actual, real notes. There are a few prerequisites to learning notes, so let’s get acquainted, shall we? First, let’s look at the notes themselves: Notes consist of up to three parts: Head, stem and flag (or beam.) All of these parts go together to give us […]

Picking. Grinning Is Optional

We covered the basics of picking earlier in the week. Now we move on to really getting that pick to make great sounds on the guitar. There’s a trick to picking. That trick is to hold the pick between your thumb and index finger as close to the tip as you can. There should still […]