The Last String

Our sixth and final string is the low E string. The open sixth string is an E. First fret gives us an F and last but not least, the third fret is a G. Keep in mind that since this is an E string just like the first string, the notes are the same – […]

Finger Control

These exercises are designed to really fine-tune the muscles in your fingers so you learn to burn! 1 Adjacent Finger Control 2 More Adjacent Finger Control 3 Non-Adjacent Finger Control 4 More Non-Adjacent Finger Control 5 Index and Pinky Control 6 More Index and Pinky Control 7 Adjacent Finger Gymnastics 9 Index and Pinky Gymnastics […]

First Real Finger Workout

Are you ready to rock? Maybe not just yet. Let’s get your fingers moving on the guitar neck first. One of the biggest reasons that guitar is my favorite instrument is that it’s completely and totally upside down and backwards. As the guitar sits on your lap, the skinny string that sits closest to the […]