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House of Gregory from DiGregorio

The old woman on her deathbed was visited by her young nephew.  As she lay dying, she told him a story of an old family mansion that was passed down from generation to generation.  She slipped in and out of consciousness several times during her tale.

When she died, he would take possession of the House of Gregory.

Over two hundred miles away, the young man’s cousin was preparing to go to work. She made it as far as the subway station and had to turn back. She suddenly lost all strength. A wave of energy passed through her – first freezing then burning.

Upon returning to her apartment, she collapsed into a deep sleep. She was suddenly awakened by her covers being pulled from her sleeping body.  Sitting upright, she saw a woman in the middle of the room. “It’s OK. You know me,” was all the woman said.

The young girl tried to protest, but she had no voice.  As suddenly as she appeared the woman vanished. Sleep came upon the young woman again.  It happened again. The covers slipped from her, forcing her awake.

She was smiling, this time. The woman was back in the room and smiling. “You know me.”

Words still evaded the young woman. No speech would come from her lips. Again, the old spirit disappeared and sleep overcame her young hostess.

She was awakened once more, but this time it was by the ringing of the phone.  It was her cousin.

“You won’t believe what I have to tell you!” he exclaimed.

Half concept and half band, DiGregorio is the brainchild of Suzanne DeCree. It is an umbrella under which she can create the deep and realistic worlds that lurk in her imagination.  It is how she creates the battlefields on which she battles her personal demons.

The battle unfolds across an epic masterpiece of four EPs and nineteen songs.

While Suzanne creates the dark and heavily stifling setting of a haunted mansion with her hard-riffing guitars, Katrina Levendoski’s operatic voice provides just the right contrast to move the music into a more ethereal realm.

Jeremy Papay’s incredibly innovative and versatile drumming provides the backbone of the first of four epic EPs.

House of Gregory, the debut album of DiGregorio, is a 19 song Symphonic Metal epic divided into four chapters. The 1st chapter will be available in Oct. 2017.

Lyrics and Music written by Suzanne DeCree

Guitar by Suzanne DeCree

Keyboard by Suzanne DeCree

Drums by Jeremy Papay

Christmas Album

About 4 years ago, my bassist Aaron Griffith and I – OK, mostly I – decided that we were going to pick, rearrange, rehearse, record and release one Christmas song a week in November and December. Talk about a lot of work! But we did it and we survived… for the most part. Here are the fruits of our labors. Hope you enjoy!

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