Let’s Jam Out!

Thank you all so much for continuing on this journey with me!

There are interesting things afoot, as always. In preparation for those things, you may have noticed that some things have changed.

But first – you can download the jam tracks for Diminishing Returns right HERE

Have some fun experimenting with the Diminished scale.

Guitar Bites are going away. Not permanently, but I don’t have the time to properly dedicate to them now. Fear not! They will be back bigger and better.

Also going away for a little while are the guitar lessons.  You can always message me or email me if you have a question. I’ll make the time to answer you.

What, exactly, are these BIG THINGS to come?

House of Gregory.

“Wait! What’s that?” you may ask.  It’s the upcoming album. This has been in the works in various forms and incarnations for almost 20 years.  And it’s finally here.

My debut album will be 19 songs.  To make the process easier on everyone, I’ll be releasing a series of EPs.

Stay tuned!

Thank you all so much and until then – KEEP ROCKING!

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