Key Master

Here we go! We are also going to move into key signatures.  A key signature is a designation at the beginning of the song between the clef and the time signature that tells you what notes are going to remain sharp or flat all the way through the song.  Let’s take a look at this one.

As you can see the F is sharp. There is only one sharp in the key signature, but it means that all Fs are sharp, regardless of where they are on the staff.

If you remember, the F sharp is going to be on the second fret between F and G on the first string.  On the fourth string it’s going to be the fourth fret.

Key of G

In the Key of F, B is flat so that any B we have will be flat.

The B flat on the fifth string is going to be on the first fret and guess where on the second string.  Give up?  It’s going to be actually be the third fret of the third string.  Remember our second string is open so we can’t really go flat, but B flat and A sharp are the same note so we can actually use the third fret of the G string.

Key of F

Play in the Key of YOU!

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