Into The Woods

…wearing high heels.  It would have been the perfect set up for a horror movie.

But instead we had a lot of laughs.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked a little about some of the things I learned about putting together an online course.

One of the things I learned was to outsource. Spend money to build a team that will help you meet and exceed your expectations.

After nearly 30 years of friendship, I still go to Margie for all of my photography needs. Did that sound appropriately cheesy?

But seriously, Margie Mackrell at 21-Seven Photography is one of the best.

Our sessions usually start with sushi and wine.  After a fair amount of time reminiscing, laughing and generally causing a ruckus we are ready to get to work.

Margie had her living room transformed into a full-on photo studio.  We looked over the clothing choices I had brought.  We settled on black. Because…well…it’s BLACK.

We shot for quite a while in the house.  In a fit of creativity, Margie looked out the window and decided to go for some outdoor photos.  She and her husband have a lot of property, mostly covered in woods.

It had been raining, as it is wont to do here in the Pittsburgh area.

So, let me sum this up for you: wine, high heels and wet, rocky woods.

I would like to know how many times the phrase “You actually want me to move?” came from my lips.

We eventually made it back inside.  Margie looked at me and said, “I have an idea!” She grabbed the guitars I had brought and started taking conceptual shots of them.  HEY! Wait a minute. I thought this photo shoot was about me!

Oh, well. At least she has good taste in guitars.

I have no idea how Margie always pulls off the magic, but she certainly did.

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