Hello Dottie!

We are going to go ahead and keep mixing up some notes on 5 strings and we are also going to throw in tied notes and dotted notes. A tied note kind of looks like a smiley face or an upside down smiley face. It is basically the musical equivalent of a plus sign. You want to hit the first note and just hold it for the combined values of both notes.

If you have two quarter notes tied together you would hit the first quarter note and just hold it for two beats which would take care of the second quarter note. Here are some exercises on tied notes.

A dot adds half of the value of the note to the note. So a dotted half note would actually be worth three beats.

Now a dotted quarter note would be worth a beat and a half. We take the one beat a quarter note gets and we cut it in two. We take the one of those half beats and add it back to the quarter note. A dotted quarter is often followed by a single 8th note.

Let’s go back to our bouncing ball. When the ball hits the ground we count “1.” When it comes back to our hand, we count “and.” When it goes down and hits the floor again it’s “two.” That is the end of our dotted quarter note. Usually there is an eighth note to round out two full beats Here is what they look like, and here are some more exercises.

Play in the Key of YOU!

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