Getting Started – Week One

Do you want to learn to play the guitar or get better at it?
There are a lot of us that do.
After years of hunting and pecking through website after website and blog after blog, it occurred to me that nowhere on the web is a start-to-finish repository of guitar.
Sure, there are lesson sites and blogs, but they jump around. They don’t have a “start” or a “finish.” They have random lessons that are categorized into “Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.” What do those names mean?
If you’ve been playing for 30 years, are you automatically advanced? If you’ve played for 4 years are you doomed to be labeled “Intermediate?”
What if you’ve played for 1 year, but practice 6 hours a day? Do you get to skip “Intermediate” and go straight to “Advanced?”
No one knows, and that’s the sad truth.
So, I’ve come up with a new twist on an old blog. I want to start at the very beginning – where I’d start with a student who has never picked up a guitar before. I want to take you on a musical journey that ends where and when you want it to end.
This is actually based off of a method that I’m creating. The concept behind the method is simple – let the student decide where he or she wants to go and give them the tools to get there.
Each chapter of my method is broken into several key parts: Warming up, technique, theory, chords, scales and ear training. Each weekday, you’ll get something new to learn. If you want to learn chords, then you can just go to the chords section. If you want to shred, pay attention to the scales. You decide what you want to get out of it, and I’ll give you the tools to get there.
Play in the Key of YOU!

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