First Scale

What do cool blues, warm jazz and sizzling rock have in common?  Well – besides all being forms of music, they all rely very heavily on the pentatonic scale.
Absolutely everything you learn in music will build on what you’ve already learned.  And it all starts with scales.  Well, actually, it starts with the intervals which build scales, but we’re not there yet.  We’re still trying to get your fingers rolling.

So for this one, we’ll just cut to the chase:

A Minor Pentatonic

Just like the finger exercises – make sure you start slowly – with the metronome.  Play one note with each click of the metronome (quarter notes).  Start with the sixth string and play the two notes on there over and over until it’s smooth and clean.  Move to the fifth string and do the same.  You get the idea.  Keep moving across the strings until you’ve gotten them all.

Play in the Key of YOU!

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