Alright we are going to spend a bunch of time this week mixing up notes from all 4 strings so here we go.

D String Packet

These next few exercises are going to be called duets.  Duets are when 2 people play at the same time.  So notice how we have two staves (which, by the way is the correct plural of staff) joined together, with a brace on the left hand side  with a line all the way down on the right hand side that looks like an extended bar line.

First Duet

One person will play the top line while the second person will play the bottom line, and will keep doing that throughout.

Now also on here you will see that some of the measures have a number or a letter above them. This is called a rehearsal number or letter.

A rehearsal number or letter gives you a reference point. If you miss something or you’re really having trouble with a section it allows you to isolate that section go back to a particular measure (number 5 for example) instead of starting over every time. Let’s try a few duets.

Play in the Key of YOU!

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