Double Stop Skills

Last week, we started with Power Chords. This week, we are going to hone our “double stop” skills. A double stop is no more than 2 notes played at the same time.
Here is our Power Chord from last week:
Power Chord
Move the pick quickly and sharply across both strings using a down stroke. You want to try to hit both strings at the same time.
I use more wrist than elbow when striking Power Chords. In other words, the main motion is a quick wrist movement going straight toward the floor.
Another important part of using Power Chords is the use of palm muting. Here is how I do a palm mute:
I lay the side of my right hand palm (by the pinky) gently across my guitar, slightly behind the bridge. My wrist is then free to move the pick through the strings.

Play in the Key of YOU!

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