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Viberant Chords

Guitar Chord Basics

Total Value: $660

Four Modules: $480 + Bonus Content: $180

I’m Ready to Rock

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You Get:

19 professional digital video lessons • 115 minutes of video

56 Guitar Pro files and matching PDFs

7 Backing Tracks


19 Professional Digital Videos

115 minutes of professional digital video lessons take you step-by-step through learning 300 chords with fingering charts and close-up demonstrations.


56 Guitar Pro Files

Guitar Pro files give you control and flexibility in your learning, using the best software available. Matching PDF files are included.


7 Backing Tracks

7 audio file backing tracks let you focus on your technique as you progress through learning all 300 chords.


  • Know 300 chords all over the neck.
  • Be able to play almost any song you want in any position without blocking off part of the neck with a capo.
  • Be able to transpose almost any song you want.
  • Shift easily and smoothly between open and barre chords.
  • Be able to play any chord progression anywhere on the neck.

Preview The First Lesson Right Now!

Because I want you to know what you’re getting, I’ve made the first video lesson available for free – no strings attached! Try it and see if you like it.

In this video, you’ll learn the five cornerstone chords that will unlock the world of music for you. This is where it all starts. Not only will I show you where to put your fingers, I’ll give you a sure-fire way to start switching smoothly, evenly and cleanly between chords. The next time you play a song, you’ll sound like a pro!

Lessons – $480 Value

19 Professional Digital Video Lessons (115 minutes) • 56 Guitar Pro files & matching PDFs • 7 Backing Tracks

Four Modules

Lessons are divided into four modules, taking you through four weeks of lessons, not including the bonus materials!

Module 1

  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 15 Guitar Pro Files* with matching PDFs
  • 3 Backing Tracks

Module 2

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 14 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs
  • 2 Backing Tracks

Module 3

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 11 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs

Module 4

  • 3 Video Lessons
  • 16 Guitar Pro files* with matching PDFs
  • 2 Backing Tracks

*Guitar Pro files should be compatible with any tab/notation program.

Professional Digital Video Lessons

You’ll get 115 minutes of professional digital video lessons which let you learn anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review sections as needed. With digital video, you own the lessons forever.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

You’ll have exclusive access to Suzanne’s private members-only Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and chat with other students. 

Make Your Music Your Way

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll be on your way to playing and writing your own music.

Chord Demonstration

Bonuses – $180 Value

Suzanne has created a complete module on arranging for you! In addition to learning your chords and how to move them up the neck, Suzanne will show you how to play with other guitarists so your playing can stand out.

  • 4 Video Lessons
  • 8 Guitar Pro files with matching PDFs


In this first video, Suzanne will show you how to play with another guitarist so you’re both not playing the same thing. You will learn to spice up your playing and make your part sound like a guitar orchestra.

Chord Pieces

No one ever said you had to grab a full chord. Here, Suzanne will show you how to chop your chords into smaller pieces and use them to accent what someone else is already playing.

Rhythm Chart

One of the questions that Suzanne is frequently asked is, “Where do I find new strumming patterns?” She used to search and search for patterns, as well. Then she realized one day that all of these patterns she found were just something that someone else made up. So Suzanne devised a way to make up her own and shares that with you here.

Shell Chords

Power chords for the brave! Like a power chord, a shell chord isn’t a complete chord. Unlike a power chord, a shell chord has depth and character without having to grab a complete chord. Like that little bit of vanilla you put in your baking to make things taste great, shell chords give your playing flavor.

What’s all this worth?

$660 Value for Only $149

25+ Years Teaching Guitar

Suzanne started learning classical guitar at age 15 and was formally instructed at Duquesne University.

Nearly 30 years ago she started teaching others how to play the guitar.

Because she couldn’t find lesson materials that worked for her, she has been creating her own for more than 20 years.

She is now bringing a lifetime of learning and teaching to you, lending her expertise so that you can be successful.

Reviews & Testimonials

Suzanne this course is fantastic and a great way for people to really learn with! Great packaging too 🙂

Liz Tapia

Sue, what can I say? You rock! Your methods are concise and easy to understand. I love your systematic approach to learning!

Melsina Michaels-Petrak

Suzanne has music pulsing through her veins! She is an exceptional performer and is always pushing the boundaries of her abilities with the complex chords, chord progressions, tempo and key changes found in her original compositions.

She is maniacal when it comes to technique and her warm-ups put other musicians to shame.  You will always get more than expected in a performance by Suzanne…. truly musically inspiring and one of a kind!
Sharon Puluso

$660 Value for Only $149

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