Diminishing Returns Week 2

Have You Ever Harmonized a Scale? Oooh, I just love big words.  Harmonizing a scale is just a fancy way of saying we’re playing more than one note of the scale at a time.  For our purposes here today, we’ll harmonize using chords. Pulling chords from scales is really easy.  Just line the notes of […]

The Major Scale…But Starting on G

We have taken apart our scale pattern with the C major scale. We started on C and we did two whole steps and a half step, then three whole steps and a half step. What happens if we do a different note? Let’s see what happens if we start on a G. Well, a whole […]

Minor Chords

Let’s learn some minor chords this week. We’ll take a look at A minor, E minor and D minor. Here’s what they look like: Am, Em, Dm copy Don’t forget to use your grab and release, your grab and lift and your grab and release and of course we are going to do our 8 […]

Mix and Match

This set of finger exercises is designed to develop the “roll”. Often when playing the same fret on adjacent strings, it’s necessary to roll your finger from one string to the other. Don’t try and pick your fingers up and move them with these exercises. Basic Mix and Match copy Mixed Up Mix and Match […]

Diminishing Returns Week 1

A Brief Introduction to the Diminished Scale Nothing makes my guitar students cringe like the first time they hear a diminished chord.  Oh, the faces they make! And that is a good thing. Of course, behind every great chord is a great scale. In this case that would be the diminished scale. Technically, it’s possible […]