The Last String

Our sixth and final string is the low E string. The open sixth string is an E. First fret gives us an F and last but not least, the third fret is a G. Keep in mind that since this is an E string just like the first string, the notes are the same – […]

Diminishing Returns Week 2

Have You Ever Harmonized a Scale? Oooh, I just love big words.  Harmonizing a scale is just a fancy way of saying we’re playing more than one note of the scale at a time.  For our purposes here today, we’ll harmonize using chords. Pulling chords from scales is really easy.  Just line the notes of […]

Hello Dottie!

We are going to go ahead and keep mixing up some notes on 5 strings and we are also going to throw in tied notes and dotted notes. A tied note kind of looks like a smiley face or an upside down smiley face. It is basically the musical equivalent of a plus sign. You […]

What Chords Sound Good Together?

I was recently doing a 5-day challenge and got a couple of really great questions, so I’m going to take the next 3 blog posts to answer 3 of them. Speaking of the 5-day challenge, I’m having another next week! Sign up for my FREE 5-Day Chord Domination Challenge and learn the 4-chord intro to a […]

The Next Phase

It is finished. Well, almost.  Actually not even close. I’ve finished the slides, anyway.  As of right now, Viberant Chords has about 20 separate slideshows.  I’ve finished the outline…which I did directly onto the slides.  Because why would I EVER want to do things the easy way? I am really excited to see how things […]