Major Scale Pattern

We learned a C major scale and now it’s time to break that C major scale down into pieces.  If we look we see that between C and D we skip a fret. Steps Any time we skip a fret, it’s called a whole step. Between B and C we don’t skip any frets and […]

The Mute Button

We learned some palm muting earlier in the book so now we are going to learn some other ways of muting strings.  For example if we grab a C chord we could actually mute the sixth string just by moving our third finger over a little bit. Another way to mute strings is with your […]

Key Master

Here we go! We are also going to move into key signatures.  A key signature is a designation at the beginning of the song between the clef and the time signature that tells you what notes are going to remain sharp or flat all the way through the song.  Let’s take a look at this […]

Forget Not the Pinky

4123 Skipping Strings 4321 Skipping Strings 4312 Skipping Strings 4231 Skipping Strings 4213 Skipping Strings 4132 Skipping Strings 414243 Skipping Strings 434241 Skipping Strings 434142 Skipping Strings 424341 Skipping Strings 424143 Skipping Strings 414342 Skipping Strings

Chords and Strumming

There is more to hearing chords than just being able to pick out the notes.  Ideally, you’ll want to be able to create your own chord progressions. A chord progression is more than just stringing a few chords together.  There is a lot of rhythm involved. And that rhythm is created with your strumming. Being […]

The C Scale

Now that we have gotten most of the notes in the first position (which is the open position or the area of the guitar that uses open strings) we are going to learn a C major scale. This is what a C major scale looks like: C Octave and Box Start at the lowest note, […]