Don’t Panic!

For the last two weeks I had the exact same to-do list up. In those two weeks, I did exactly NOTHING on that list. Why? Well because there was just a lot on that list. Sure I did things. I rehearsed for the upcoming recording sessions. I lined up parts of my upcoming crowdfunding campaign. […]

Well…Isn’t THIS Embarrassing!

Wow! I looked at my blog last night and realized that I hadn’t published anything in 6 weeks. Where did the time go? Of course I know the answer to that question.  And the answer is “it disappeared.” Or something like that.  With all of the work I’ve been doing on the upcoming EP, a […]

A-Wristed Development

I got a question on wrist position just yesterday.  One of my chord students said his wrist wasn’t flexible enough to bend as far as it needed to so he could grab the chords. So here’s what I told him…

Let’s Jam Out!

Thank you all so much for continuing on this journey with me! There are interesting things afoot, as always. In preparation for those things, you may have noticed that some things have changed. But first – you can download the jam tracks for Diminishing Returns right HERE Have some fun experimenting with the Diminished scale. […]

The Last String

Our sixth and final string is the low E string. The open sixth string is an E. First fret gives us an F and last but not least, the third fret is a G. Keep in mind that since this is an E string just like the first string, the notes are the same – […]

Finger Control

These exercises are designed to really fine-tune the muscles in your fingers so you learn to burn! 1 Adjacent Finger Control 2 More Adjacent Finger Control 3 Non-Adjacent Finger Control 4 More Non-Adjacent Finger Control 5 Index and Pinky Control 6 More Index and Pinky Control 7 Adjacent Finger Gymnastics 9 Index and Pinky Gymnastics […]

Diminishing Returns Week 2

Have You Ever Harmonized a Scale? Oooh, I just love big words.  Harmonizing a scale is just a fancy way of saying we’re playing more than one note of the scale at a time.  For our purposes here today, we’ll harmonize using chords. Pulling chords from scales is really easy.  Just line the notes of […]

Heavy Duty Hearing

We’re mixing up our Major chords, Minor chords, intervals and notes this week. To add to the confusion, we’ll also be working in our C and G scales.