I’m All Ears

OK – by now you know the drill. More ear training. We’re going to add three note chords to the usual suspects. Start with the bottom note on the three note chords. See if you can figure out the second note, then move on to the third note. Keep working on it! Play in the […]

Three Notes

A couple of weeks ago, we learned to play 2 notes at a time. This week we will learn 3. First, we are going to play the notes separately. Use all downstrokes, let your pick glide across all 3 strings. Don’t try to pluck each string. just let your pick fall across them. Be sure […]

What Chords Sound Good Together?

I was recently doing a 5-day challenge and got a couple of really great questions, so I’m going to take the next 3 blog posts to answer 3 of them. Speaking of the 5-day challenge, I’m having another next week! Sign up for my FREE 5-Day Chord Domination Challenge and learn the 4-chord intro to a […]

Up, Up and Away

This weeks’ technique is the opposite of last weeks. We are going to hit every new string with an upstroke. Remember that an upstroke starts below the string (closest to the floor) and moves upward (toward the ceiling.) To complete the concept, we’ll run our finger exercises again. On the way up, we’ll hit each […]